Challenging office complex demolition in South Yarra, Melbourne


The team at Bernie Leen recently completed a complicated commercial demolition in South Yarra, involving the completed demolition of an office complex. Luckily, our highly skilled team dug-in and got the job done.

The Claremont St demolition was a challenging project because it was discovered that the building next door was powered off the substation that was in the building that we were demolishing, so we had to engineer a way to demolish the building around the substation.

It was crucial that the substation be left intact so it could power the building next door till a new power feed could be made, this saved the builder costly delays. We utilised our high reach excavator to demolish the building, reducing the need to use small machines and working off elevated slabs.

When it comes these types of complex projects, Bernie Leen’s capabilities really get an opportunity to shine. Our team were able to complete the project on time, ensuring the power substation was unharmed, minimising disturbance to the surroundings, whilst prioritising the safety of our team.

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